I have a huge vision of the entire picture – creating a large corporation that strives to improve the development of areas that need it. The pieces of this picture are my various independent projects, which I want to monetize and invest the profits into creating its own technologies, opening doors for everyone who seeks the same, or finding those who will help and open doors for my ideas, or to unite for joint brainstorming.

All presentations of individual projects will be available in the navigation, and the logic of creating a complete picture is available below.

Building a new generation media and entertainment empire in film, games, IT
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I've created strategies and project scenario: "How to create an information media magazine in Ukraine and transform it into a company producing its own technologies" and I am seeking investments for its implementation, or the opportunity to integrate my ideas with your help and find like-minded individuals and partners for cooperation to create the future together in selected areas:

  • independent media of the new generation,

  • leading movie and gaming industry,

  • virtual reality,

  • IT sector, which includes: blockchain, AI, neurotechnology and robotics.

The project's flexibility allows you to add any type of activity for your consideration.


My idea begins with creating its own free internet territory. It takes the format of a magazine and social network, as a mobile application and web platform, which can be imagined on the examples of flipboard and facebook. The concept of its own magazine is promising because of the possibility to develop independently on its own course and adapt to new needs and trends in the information field.

The focus is on information delivery and the production of cinema and gaming products. To achieve this, a professional team is formed to manage the magazine and create content, gradually developing the platform. Because proper marketing is the key to success, and a quality product is its confirmation.

Required functions:

  • Magazine – for strategic purposes, to occupy the place of the leading media in the country. Necessary for advertising, self-promotion, aggressive marketing, and video diary.

  • Social network – to unite people with similar views and tastes.

  • Donation system – to attract investments for development and content monetization.

  • Imageboard forum – for exchanging experiences and preserving ready solutions for all life cases.

  • Platform as a resource – for distributing own production of films, gaming industry, and any other activities.


Magazine management and steps – the strategy stages – my separate projects, examples will appear here: MVP. Content is developed specifically for the individual target audience, existing problems are raised, clear examples of solutions are provided, and the audience is engaged.

Key industry products – the production stages – my individual scripts, project presentations are here: Films, Video Games. This, initially, will allow popularizing for the Ukrainian audience and then enter the international market with presentations of future projects for global film festivals and game expos.

What I can offer:

  • Articles offering an alternative development strategy in Ukraine and beyond. Topics related to modern culture and social issues with options for solutions. Humor and gonzo journalism. As a result – competitive media.

  • Uncensored space for uniting people who want to change the future in selected areas and a place free from any pressure of bureaucracy, oligarchs, or government structures.

  • Marketing approaches for mass distribution.

  • Making films, games – for sales and global popularization of culture and art, and meeting consumer interests.

  • Production of key products and magazine management should confirm all the stated words within one year (opportunity assessment stage).

  • Then the IT sector and automation, assessing needs and priorities. All technologies can be integrated into this magazine (the reason for the need of its own place).

  • And then only more!

Stages and needs (MVP):

  • Foundation – initial capital for team creation and production of key industry products.

  • Development strategy – staffed magazine with a forum or integration into an existing platform.

  • Launch and effectiveness evaluation – finalization of vulnerabilities, marketing strategy, and advertising campaign.

The flexibility of my ideas allows integrating them into any existing projects as modification, separate project, or company scaling. So, if you share similar interests and are open to cooperation, I'm ready to discuss. There is a vision, and theoretically, it works. For practice, I need resources.


This is a complex, multifunctional, and multi-stage project, it's challenging, but it is possible! That's why I chose a magazine for development – it is a powerful tool of mass information and influence, and in Ukraine, with adequate mass media, there are obvious problems (there is no popular and independent, or popular and quality, or something close to the young generation), so I see no obstacles to occupy this niche.

To put it simply:

  • Magazine – the face of the company. A popular magazine – the voice of the majority. A mega-popular magazine – dictates the rules of development, rather than adapting to the ban on evolution (there is a strategy).

  • Production of cool movies and games – profit (there are scenarios).

  • Investing profit in our IT technologies (blockchain, AI, neurotechnology and robotics) – even more profit (there are ideas).

  • Win!

  • Risks: In a critical case, it may only result in a popular magazine with the ability to sell advertisements, with a donation system for investments, and with production of cinema-gaming products for sale to other companies. The foundation is preserved, and development is possible even in critical conditions.

Technologies (interested in):

  • Blockchain – cryptocurrency operations on the platform, own cryptocurrency, security.

  • AI – personal assistant in the magazine (helps in work, study, entertainment), without restrictions (that block high-quality), customizable.

  • Neurotechnology – study the human brain and integrate it with computer technologies, virtual reality.

  • Robotics – automation of complex workflows, prosthetics, own satellites.


Overall, my perspective is focused on the development of scale. To create a state-independent place with its independent ecosystem. With collaboration of various fields, from innovative technologies to creative minds. And if we gather all the best in one place and organize a professional team of critical thinkers and enthusiasts, evolutionary progress will happen naturally. Because nothing is impossible, only the wrong approach!

For like-minded people and everyone interested in collaboration - please contact me!

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