Pitch 01. TV Series

European Ukrainians

Format: Sarcastic-ironic sitcom for streaming platforms

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Dark Humor

Duration: 20-40 minutes episode

Audience: Teens, Adults


A group of young people challenge the absurd realities of the system on their path to self-development. With self-irony and dark humor, they navigate the world around them to avoid going crazy. Thanks to their friendship and support, they try to find their place in society, constantly getting into comedic situations.

Sample 01. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" – promo.

Sample 01. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" – promo.

Sample 02. Looks, brains, wild card. Classic setup. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Sample 02. Looks, brains, wild card. Classic setup. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Sample 03. Bathroom Screams. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Sample 03. Bathroom Screams. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Sample 04. From "Broad City" – promo.

Sample 04. From "Broad City" – promo.

Sample 05. From "New Kids Turbo" – trailer.

Sample 05. From "New Kids Turbo" – trailer.

Sample 06. From "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

Sample 06. From "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".

03 / 06


The concept of the series is a hilarious mix inspired by shows like “Trailer Park Boys” (IMDB), "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (examples 01-03 in slider, or IMDB), "Broad City" (example 04 in slider, or IMDB), and the "New Kids Turbo" movie (example 05 in slider, or IMDB).

The videos are provided for better understanding. I want to use it in a Ukrainian way, a close similar style of presentation, character temperaments, dynamic style of comedic situations, and unpredictability of events. The main focus is on authenticity, allowing the main characters to play themselves or characters close to their spirits.

The idea of the series uses humor and satire to sharply, ironically, and at the same time insightfully reflect the shortcomings and achievements of Ukraine on the path to European integration. It will also showcase stereotypes and cultural peculiarities of each European country through the prism of Ukrainian reality.

The viewer will discover the reality of Ukrainian life – from the depths of the countryside to the pulsating heart of the capital. This is a series for people who are not afraid to laugh at problems, but at the same time want their voices to be heard.


  • Topical issues that are close to the young audience.

  • The main characters are ordinary people of different generations who are constantly struggling with financial difficulties, but who are trying their best to find their way in the world of work and relationships.

  • Each episode is a new adventure in the lives of the main characters, in which they face various problems and challenges of society, such as corruption, lack of culture, gender inequality, outdated views, violence, addiction, unemployment, and so on.

  • The characters' egocentric, hysterical, and anxious views and judgments often lead them into trouble, creating a myriad of uncomfortable situations that usually only get worse before they get better.

  • The goal is to show reality without censorship, with soulful, and sometimes black humor.

  • Important for the series to be sincere.

  • It should encourage people to reflect on the problems of Ukrainian society, highlighting painful topics through humor.


Age range 21-30 years. Strangers meet each other in certain circumstances. The situation leads them to further friendship.

Character 01. Male:

  • Fond of alcohol, always carries a thermos (or a glass or goblet) with self-made cocktails.

  • Knows how to control himself and not lose control of the situation.

  • Kind, stylish, positive, with a writer's mindset and good use of swearing.

  • Master of dude quotes and silly toasts (sarcasm and self-irony).

  • Favorite drink: port wine.

Character 02. Male:

  • Fond of smoking marijuana, well-read, interested in science fiction and psychology.

  • Often "spaces out" or loses touch with reality, vividly imagining the development of events (example 06 in slider).

Character 03. Male:

  • Tries to lead a healthy lifestyle without bad habits, but understands that there is no healthy lifestyle – only common sense.

  • Enjoys sports, non-stereotypical.

  • Treats everything with understanding and does not judge.

  • Strong character and self-control.

Character 04. Female:

  • Energetic, optimistic-emotional, creative personality, loves art.

  • Has a sharp tongue and enjoys dark humor, often jokes inappropriately.

Character 05. Female:

  • Calm, thoughtful, with a diplomatic mindset, strategist.

  • Knows how to find common ground with people, although she hates them in general.

  • Values friendship and is always ready to help.

Wildcard Character (age 50+):

  • Cunning, cynical, with a sharp mind and sarcastic sense of humor, orator.

  • Has rich life experience.

  • Knows how to find a way out of any situation, but "too old for this shit".

  • Values freedom and independence, a lone wolf, but works in a team when necessary.


I believe that with a new approach to implementation and a more professional attitude to the emotional transmission of the picture, "European Ukrainians" will become a successful project and a calling card on the world television market, attracting investments for the development of future ideas. There are an endless number of ideas and a lot to work with, but resources are needed.

Therefore, I ask you to support this unique project, which will change your view of modern Ukrainian life and prove how much potential is hidden behind the barriers of the system.

For like-minded people and everyone interested in collaboration - please contact me!

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